What is AER?

The Assembly of European Regions (AER) is the largest independent network of regional authorities in wider Europe, bringing together regions from 35 countries along with 15 interregional organisations. 

Established in 1985, AER is a forum for interregional co-operation and a lobbyist for regional interests on the European stage: AER was a key player in the creation of the advisory bodies to the Council of Europe (Congress of Local and Regional Authorities) and the European Union (Committee of the Regions).

AER’s policies are driven by an Executive Board and Bureau consisting of regional presidents and other high-level politicians. Those policies are implemented within three working committees and two transversal issues, which are chaired by regional politicians and co-ordinated by staff within AER’s General Secretariat in Strasbourg and Brussels. The committees are pragmatic, non-bureaucratic structures that continuously evolve and respond to the diverse needs of AER members.


The Assembly of European Regions works for a peaceful and prosperous Europe. Our political assembly believes that regions are the optimal institutional actors to build bridges between European/National leaders and the citizens. This link offered by Regions reinforces trust and ensures the flow of ideas enabling peace and prosperity to spread on our continent.   


AER wants :

  • To establish the principle of subsidiarity as the guiding principle underpinning policy making in Europe
  • To promote regional interests vis-à-vis European and national policy-makers 
  • To embody and reflect the regional dimension in Europe and make it more visible on the European continent 
  • To ensure that regions remain a driving force for political, economic and social development with a view of accomplishing a multi-layer Europe

AER believes in:

  • Fairness and solidarity: these two values are intimately intertwined, because they are at the root of mutual respect and acceptance of cultural, linguistic and socio- economic differences. AER advocates this solidarity between all the regions of Europe, while urging fairness as a source of cohesion between member regions and promoting equal opportunities for all ;
  • Openness and dialogue: this means that AER is open to all European regions and their elected representatives, men and women alike, from all non-extremist political movements. AER promotes dialogue and dares to confront ideas;
  • Boldness and effectiveness: AER seeks to stimulate creativity and encourage political debate, and aims to transform the regions via forward-looking projects. The effectiveness of the methodologies developed and the thoroughness of our analyses of the various projects are the guarantees of our skill;
  • Democracy and Transparency: these two values are totally complementary and inseparable. This means that AER will act transparently to focus on defending the interests of all the member regions while respecting democratic principles.

AER planning 

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AER Communications Strategy 

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AER Member relations Strategy

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AER Toolkit

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In order to fulfil these objectives, AER members work in thematic committees and have a whole range of effective tools at their disposals. Appart from its members, AER works also with other networks, private partners and the AER business community.

Statute and procedures
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