06.10, Brussels (BE) - Our vice-president of Committee 2, Mihai Ritivoiu (Timis County, Romania), representing AER in Bruxelles, at a Roundtable on Civil Dialogue with European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen.

Did you know that in the last five years the number of european families at risk of poverty and social exclusion had risen with 5%?

Join the discussion on the occasion of the AER Committee 2 plenary in Winchester on 2 November 2015

Latest news

26.10, Brussels (BE) - Vojvodina Success Stories

With the support of AP Vojvodina Secretariat for inter-regional co-operation and local self-government Local Democracy Agency Subotica has prepared a collection of good local practice - an overview of EU funded projects implemented by 45 municipalities in Vojvodina in the course of the IPA Programming period 2007-2013.
Check out the publication


21.10, Brussels (BE) - Climate Change - What are the regions doing?

Ahead of the all-important climate talks in Paris at the end of this year, many regions and cities are announcing they will do their share: climate pledges are popping up left, right and centre.
EUobserver's Regional Focus Magazine 2015 takes a look at some of the issues ahead of the Paris climate summit.
Check out the Regional Focus Magazine 2015



15.10, Brussels (BE) - Register now for the GA and Bureau in December

Registrations are now open for the AER General Assembly and Bureau on 1-2 December 2015 in Brussels. The GA will see the elections of the new Executive Board and President and will also be the occasion to present the 2015 report on regionalisation. The main topic of the Bureau will the to see how regions tackle the refugee crisis. We hope you will be able to join us for these two important meetings.
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15.10, Brussels (BE) - Delegation from the Republic of Serbia

AER was honoured to welcome delegates from the Sumadija and Pomoravlje region (Serbia) on 15 October in Brussels. The Mayors in the delegation represent the regional development agency of that region and met with the Acting Secretary General, Mathieu Mori to exchange on their potential involvement in AER.

The delegates presented the strengths and weaknesses of their territory which has a very diverse economy, based on agriculture, industry and tourism. The region is home to 20.000 students and is recognised as an attractive market for foreign investors. Unfortunately, the region suffers from brain drain due to the unemployment rate of young people.

This is a classic example of how membership in the organisation would be a win-win situation, for a region that has much to showcase and share with others but is also eager to learn from other regions across Europe to tackle local challenges.

In addition, the region has been witnessing the long accession procedure to the EU fort he Republic of Serbia and is willing to embrace European cooperation regardless of the state of play of the discussions on national level. Hopefully, enhanced cooperation with the EU on local and regional level will weigh favorably on the accession procedure.



14.10, Brussels (BE) - Invitation to the European Conference Think European – act local

"Youth 2015 – recommendations for Europe", 18 November 2015 10.30 am to 5.00 pm, Committee of Regions, Brussels

The second conference on the EU Youth Strategy and the role of the states and regions will address the core findings of the third EU Youth Report on the realities faced by young Europeans. Further, it will focus on resulting challenges and the need for political action on the regional level, notably in particular in the fields of social integration, employment, participation, culture and creativity, health and wellbeing, volunteering, education and training, as well as international cooperation.
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14.10, Brussels (BE) - Delegation from Flevoland

Following on the AER Open Doors week, the King’s Commissioner, Leen Verbeek and the Executive Board of the Province of Flevoland (NL) came to discuss the next steps of their engagement in AER. AER has been very present in disseminating information from Flevoland’s European projects, including Smart Europe, More4NRG and Regions4GreenGrowth. In addition to dissemination, AER also shared its own “peer review” methodology for the implementation of the projects. Finally, Flevoland will look into increasing their political involvement in the organisation as they are already very active in the hands on exchange of experience.



13.10, Brussels (BE) - Delegation from Nordland

Today, AER welcomed a delegation from Nordland fylkeskommune (AER member region from Norway) in AER Brussels office, explaining the organisation, discussing possible cooperation and learning that Nordland has a strong cooperation with ‪the region of Gelderland‬ (AER member from The Netherlands) in the area ‪of youth mobility‬. Nordland is also represented in AER's governing bodies by Sonja Steen, President of AER's Education and Culture Committee.



09.10, Brussels (BE) - AER's Brussels office welcomes members during the Open Days

Are you in Brussels for the week of the Open Days? Come and visit us! As you know, the new AER Brussels office is conveniently located in the European headquarters, a few minutes walk from the Committee of the Regions and the European Parliament. As we are always eager to meet face to face with our members, we hope to have an opportunity to see you while you are in Brussels. Our doors will be open from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 16, at your best convenience, to meet and greet, show you around the offices or provide you with meeting rooms for your bilateral meetings. We invite you to let us know in advance if you would like to stop by and especially if you would like to book a room for a meeting, so that we can best prepare to welcome you.



09.10, Brussels (BE) - We are recruiting a "Community and Event Champion"

Are you a people person, experienced in event management? Do you like to network and connect people from various backgrounds and cultures? Are you a team player, not afraid of multi-tasking, with great organisational skills? Do you want to work in a small, dynamic, international team with a wide-range of responsibility? If so, you may be our Community and Event Champion. Apply now!



06.10, Brussels (BE) - Invitation to the Open Days side event “Approaching AAA rating in youth employment”, 13 October, 11.00, Espace Monte Paschi (avenue d'Auderghem 22-28, 1040 Brussels)

The aim of the event is on the one hand to identify the reasons for the high youth unemployment rate and subsequently juxtapose regions from both ends of the spectrum in order to exchange ideas and best practices in the attempt to tackle youth unemployment successfully and mutually compare implemented measures and procedures on the regional level. On the other hand existing measures on EU-level such as the youth guarantee should be presented and discussed. 
Download the concept note
Download the programme



05.10, Brussels (BE) - Looking for experience sharing in cross border business parks

The Dutch municipality of Coevorden that would like to exchange experiences with border and cross-border regions regarding cross-border business parks with the aim to check if there could be also a possibility to initiate a project regarding this subject. The municipality of Coevorden and its German neighbour municipality Emlichheim, share a cross-border industrial park „Europark Coevorden GVZ-Emlichheim GmbH“. In practice, the industrial park is confronted with several problems resulting for example from the different legal regulations in the Netherlands and in Germany. The municipality of Coevorden would like to get in contact with border regions who have made similar experiences and to examine if maybe a common project on this subject could be developed (e. g. in the framework of Interreg Europe).

If you are interested in this initiative, we would kindly ask you to answer in brief the following two questions (in English):
- Is there a cross border business park in your border region? If so, please let us have the name and contact details.
- Which problems and obstacles are known to you confronting this cross border business park?

Please send your feedback to the AEBR General Secretariat in Gronau (a.winkler@aebr.eu) as well as to Mrs. Eveline Simon from the municipality Coevorden (e.simon@coevorden.nl). Deadline: 20 October at the latest.



05.10, Brussels (BE) - Public Procurement of Innovation – opportunity for regions

Seize the excellent opportunity that the European Commission is offering to regional and local authorities that are ready to deploy or scale up innovative solutions in the coming 2-3 years in the field of AHA (ie. procure innovative solutions for active and healthy ageing, integrated care etc.).

What you can gain: co-finance up to 35% of the procurement costs, benefit from free of charge capacity building and attend  tailored events and/or webinars in October that will allow you to prepare for the upcoming H2020 call on ‘Public Procurement of Innovation’ as well as to network with similar organisation from other existing networks and initiatives. Please express your interest by email as soon as possible: EC-EIP-AHAdelete_me(at)ec.europadelete_me.eu 



21.09, Brussels (BE) - Delegation from East Border Region

The Assembly of European Regions hosted a visit of a delegation from the East Border Region that is representing politicians and officers from local county councils in Ireland/Northern Ireland. Apart from learning more about AER, the delegation discussed with AER's Vice-president treasurer, Magnus Berntsson (Västra Götaland/SE) the role of broadband in rural and urban areas as well as energy distribution and connectivity. Keen to learn more about the European experiences in these areas, AER is looking forward to cooperate more with Irish counties.



18.09, Île-de-France (FR) - Event on European Mobility and Employability on 13 October

Save the date! Île-de-France Europe and the partners of the Erasmus + RMT project invite you to the conference on "European Mobility and Employability: what benefits for businesses" on 13 October (09.30-12.00) in Île-de-France Europe (10 rue Montoyer, 1000 Brussels). The project partners include Île-de-France, Esmovia (Valencia-ES), CEDIT (Firenze-IT), Berlink (Berlin-DE) and EPN (Bristol-UK). The lead partner is the European Research and Training Institute in Paris.



11.09, Dnipropetrovsk (UA) - Event on Decentralisation

European experts from AER’s academic centre took part in an AER roundtable with Ukrainian politicians and civil society representatives to discuss decentralization.



10.09, Brussels (BE) - A farming demonstration

6000 farmers gathered in Brussels on the occasion of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council on Monday 7 September. Jan Jacob VAN DIJK, Chairman of the AER working group on rural development, stresses the key role played by farmers for territorial attractiveness and as entrepreneurs:

"Farmers play an important role to keep the countryside alive and vigorous. They invest in employment, not only direct employment but also indirect. Examples are the food processing industry, education and research, engineering, construction, the service industry. These days the agricultural sector is facing many challenges. Even in my region of Gelderland the rural areas are under pressure to stay vital. Farmers are also entrepreneurs and therefore also have to deal with business risks. Public authorities cannot and do not aim to take over these entrepreneurial risks, but they can seek to bring together stakeholders in order to identify causes, consequences and solutions. ‘Europe’ has also to take its responsibility. And when it comes to me, I am not so much in favour just to get the wallet out, but rather would look at structural solutions to business risk in an industry that plays an important role in the supply of food. Europe could invite the stakeholders who can play a role in this for a more fundamental discussion."



09.09, Brussels (BE) - Regions can bring union and pragmatism to Europe

AER President Dr Hande Özsan Bozatli reacted to European Commission President’s speech: “Jean-Claude Juncker in his speech on the state of the union has stressed the need for more Europe in the Union and more Union in Europe. Regions within AER show unity in diversity, put into place bold and pragmatic actions in all policy fields and learn from each others mistakes and best practices. I could not agree more when Mr Juncker says that the fight against climate change will not be won or lost in Brussels or Paris but on the ground, in cities and regions. The same goes for many other topics and we look forward to working together with the European Commission to bring back union and pragmatism to Europe.”

More about the State of the Union 2015
Full speech of the European Commission's President



15.08, Hampshire (UK) - Committee Autumn Plenary Sessions Registration Open

Join the Committees Plenary Session to discuss the topic of "Public Sector Governance in times of change". Policy making and rendering services for the citizens are constantly challenged by societal changes, the digitalisation of our lives and the political developments on local, national and global level. The urgency to become more efficient in the public sector, financial pressure, and reduced staff pose considerable constraints on maintaining good government services and fulfilling the expectations of citizens.



02.06, Vienna (AT) - Publication of "International Vienna"

The City of Vienna (AT) recently published a report focusing on its international activities in 2014. Vienna "has worked for socially and ecologically sustainable development, ensuring the competitive standing of the city both nationally and internationally and winning international recognition in Europe and beyond", said Dr. Michaël HÄUPL, Mayor and Governor of Vienna.

Have a look at page 15 to get a glimpse of the close and fruitful cooperation between the Assembly of European Regions and the Viennese region! The report is available here (German version here).



This was the AER General Assembly in Västra Götaland. Thank you !

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