Quarterly thematic issues

Thematic dossier n°31 on Faced by the crisis, Regions at Europe's bedside - Summer 2013
Regions, an important lever out of the crisis

Thematic dossier n°30 on Eco-innovation in the regions - Spring 2012
No time to waste, Europe must support eco-innovation if it is to overcome its economic and environmental challenges

Thematic dossier n°29 on Youth in a changing society - Autumn 2011
Young ambition: AER Summer Schools 2011 brought 140 young people, politicians and experts together.

Thematic dossier n°28 on Regions tackle natural disasters Summer 2011
When disaster strikes, Europe’s regions must work together if they are to cope with the growth in natural and manmade disasters.

Thematic dossier n°27 on Education for Entrepreneurship - Spring 2011
Knowledge transfer : The EU is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of education for entrepreneurship.

Thematic dossier n°26 on Research and Innovation - Winter 2011
Multilevel governance ‘key to Europe 2020’. 

Thematic dossier n°25 on Health in Europe - Autumn 2010
Europe’s health check. 

Thematic dossier n°24 on the AER 25th anniversary - Summer 2010
Building bridges : much as changed for the regions since AER was born 25 years ago.

Thematic dossier n°23 on Economy and Growth - Spring 2010
And the winner is…

Thematic dossier n°22 on Regions energising Europe - Autumn 2009 
Expert hails ‘climate revolution’.

Thematic dossier n°21 on Water, our future - Summer 2009
Taking on the blue challenge.

Thematic dossier n°20 on Sustainable tourism - Spring 2009
Europe tops holiday charts.

Thematic dossier n°19 on Climate change - Winter 2008
A climate package for Europe.

Thematic dossier n°18 on Migration and Integration - Autumn 2008
A warm welcome?

Thematic dossier n°17 on AER Youth - Summer 2008
Coming together.

Thematic dossier n°16 on Regional Awards - Spring 2008
Regional awards: Credit where it’s due.

Thematic dossier n°15 on Equal opportunities - Spring 2007
Equal opportunities - might is not right.

Thematic dossier n°14 on Think global - act regional - Autumn 2006
Four problems, one answer: more power to the regions!

Thematic dossier n°13 on Regional Quality Labels - Summer 2006
Highlight, protect and diversify, thanks to labels.

Thematic dossier n°12 on E-Health - Spring 2006
New technologies at the bedsides of patients and health professionals.

Thematic dossier n°11 on Regions of Europe - Winter 2005
Europe’s future lies in its regions.

Thematic dossier n°10 on Saving energy in a hurry - Autumn 2005
Giving renewable energies a new impetus.

Thematic dossier n°9 on Youth unemployment: an inevitable fate? - Summer 2005
Investing in young people is investing in the future.

Thematic dossier n°8 on Regions, the driving force for development - Spring 2005
Innovation, SME networking and cooperation are key to regional competitiveness.

Thematic dossier n°7 on Regional Airports: The regions must be able to fly free -Automn 2004
The regions must be free to spread their wings!

Thematic dossier n°6 on How to become a GMO-free region - Summer 2004
GMOs: the European Union as the sorcerer’s apprentice

Thematic dossier n°5 on Europe is enlarging - Spring 2004
The top priority is to build a citizens’ Europe.

Thematic dossier n°4 on the future for the Services of general interest - Winter 2003
It happened in a place near you.

Thematic dossier n°3 on towards European Constitution - Automn 2003
Ushering in a New Era for the Union.

Thematic dossier n°2 on Disoriented democracy - Summer 2003
Engaging people in a changing Europe.

Thematic dossier n°1 on Sustainable Tourism - Spring 2003
Three Guiding Principles.

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