Annual activity reports

Activity report 2014

"2014 has also confirmed that Europe is not acting in an isolated environment, but in a global setting, that influences and shapes our decision and policy making. It has therefore been important for me to develop relations with our Eastern partners, with our counterparts from Northern-Africa, and in the US. Our Russian and Ukrainian members were also able to count on our support, because if there is a way for these two countries to exchange constructively it is at regional level, in AER.Hande ÖZSAN BOZATLI - AER President.

Activity report 2013

"I am proud to have been elected President of AER at our General Assembly in May 2013 with a strong Executive Board to support me. I know well that the Presidency of the Assembly of European Regions is not an easy mission: it requires sacrificing a certain amount of one’s own business and family life. I am fully aware of the responsibilities of the mission", Hande ÖZSAN BOZATLI - AER President.

Activity report 2012

"It is with great emotion that I am reaching the end of my term of office as the President of the Assembly of European Regions. These four years rank among the most fruitful of my public career. During these four years, I have been given the opportunity to testify that Regions develop great initiatives to propose innovative solutions to a financial and economic crisis that – unfortunately – seems to be lasting", Michèle SABBAN, AER President. 

Activity report 2011

"2011 has been a critical year, but also one of hope - hope for strengthened cooperation between our regions to continue developing our continent’s territories; hope for a respectful and efficient neighbourhood relationship; and finally, hope for stable and sustainable economic growth in our regions, which shields us against the impact of climate change and constitutes an ambitious growth model for territories", Michèle SABBAN - AER President.

Activity report 2010
25 years: Influence, Knowledge, Action

"When we promote the principle of subsidiarity, we are working to make connections between the decision-making processes and areas of citizen participation. Whether we talk about energy policy or economic development, we show that it is possible to reconcile efficiency and dynamism with the requirement for democracy. The events that marked the year 2010 are a reflection of this requirement, and the result of efforts by our members, our Vice-Presidents and Committees", Michèle SABBAN - AER President.

Activity report 2009

"At no time has that solidarity been more important than it is now. The economic downturn and climate change – this year’s two greatest challenges – have shown just how crucial the regions are in tackling European and global challenges. It is the regions that support the EU’s 22 million SMEs, driving innovation and providing two-thirds of all jobs in the EU. And it is the regional and local levels that will implement 50 to 70% of climate change mitigation and adaptation actions in the future", Klaus KLIPP, AER Secretary-General

Activity report 2008

"Without a doubt, 2008 has been a big year for AER. Our membership increased this year to 270 regions and 16 interregional associations, consolidating our place as the largest and most important network of regions in Europe, and perhaps the world", Michèle SABBAN - AER President.

Activity report 2007

In his report, AER President, Riccardo ILLY, highlighted the AER’s work on the Constitutional Treaty and the Treaty of Lisbon, and mentioned the future enlargement of the EU, in particular calling for Croatia’s membership in 2009. He stated that all the countries of South Eastern Europe needed to be quickly integrated into the European Union.

Activity report 2006

"The AER has been very successful in tightening its contacts with the European Commission. We welcomed officials from the Commission at our meetings and also had an opportunity to meet them frequently. The legitimacy crisis that Europe has been facing underlines how important the role of the regions is. Directly in contact with the need of their citizens, the regions are actors of foremost importance. Thanks to the Assembly of European Regions, the voice of the regions is better taken into account at the European level", Riccardo ILLY, AER President

Activity report 2005

"We stress the need for increasing the role of the regions in European Union policy making. We believe that while the EU cannot, and should not, interfere with the decisions of Member States, there should be at least a recommendation to the Member States to accomplish the principle of subsidiarity, giving more powers to regions, including legislative powers where these do not yet exist. This would be helpful in building a better Europe in the future and eliminating the existing gap between citizens and Europe itself", Riccardo ILLY, AER President

Activity report 2004

"2004 was the year of EU enlargement, but it was also a year in which the AER and its members were involved in discussions about the European Constitution. And the successes we achieved in this field were by no means to be taken for granted. Thanks to the AER’s forceful formulation of its political demands and its clear-cut position on a number of key issues, we were able to considerably enhance our stature and credibility on the European political stage", Liese PROKOP, AER President.


Activity report 2003

"As far as the regions are concerned, the AER, created with great prescience under its first president, Edgar FAURE, must act as an instrument, a source of strength and a forum for debate, proposals and action in this vast movement. The regions of Europe vary considerably as regards their status, but their role as a link between Europe and its citizens is becoming clearer with every passing day", Adrien ZELLER, Vice-President of the AER

Activity report 2002

"We must work together to build the European House and achieve our main aim: implementation of our Declaration on Regionalism - passed six years ago but now more relevant than ever before - and application of the principle of subsidiarity. It is we, the regions of Europe, who can provide a guarantee to our citizens that any future problems can be overcome", Liese PROKOP, AER President.

Activity report 2001

"EU enlargement gives a whole new dimension to the many cooperation attempts having taken place and therefore represents a major challenge. Thanks to this process, border Regions will go from the periphery of the old Europe to the centre of the new Europe. This integration process brings new possibilities for development for border Regions, but also dangers and threats. For this reason, we should pool our strengths in future years, in order to well prepare the Regions for enlargement", Liese PROKOP, AER President.

Activity report 2000

"We are once again the political forum par excellence for democratic debate on regionalism. Here we can directly and freely exchange views on our political experiences. In addition, we are the biggest and richest network of Regions. That is our second raison d’être: in everything that we do, we are a precious network of contacts, exchanges and sharing of experience through our Assemblies, our Bureau meetings and above all through our four main Committees", Luc VAN DEN BRANDE, AER President.

Activity report 1999

"A greater participation of the 'strong regions' in the political fields of culture and education, as highly sensitive areas and of major interest on the regional level, would strengthen the political performance of the Regions on the European stage. The organisation of the work, which encompasses a wide range of political fields, is based on the concept of a deep involvement of Sub-Committees and Working Groups following the idea of self-dependency", Committee D - Activity Report.

Activity report 1998

"The more European integration is reinforced, the more the Regions and regionalism in Europe will have an essential role to play. European integration and regionalism are two sides of the same coin: European integration unites the States, structures and economies; regionalism and interregional cooperation unite communities, cultures and people", Luc VAN DEN BRANDE, AER President.

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