Tales from Regions : The special edition of the Press Club Brussels Magazine

June 2015

go site AER's position on separatism

December 2014

AER's position towards Ukraine

December 2014

Common Strategic Framework 2014-2020

Contribution by the AER to the EC Staff working document

July 2012

AER, action tank of the European Regions


January 2011

source site St. Pölten Manifesto

EU Cohesion Policy 2014+

21 October 2011

see url AER survey on European Regions and European Funding

Improving access, efficiency, and value for money

January 2011


click Cohesion in Europe: Regions Take up the Challenge

AER White Paper on the future of Cohesion Policy

December 2010

here A Region's Handbook to Understanding and Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

November 2010

The State of Regionalism in Europe

Part I: Regions of yesterday, Regions of tomorrow

June 2010

enter The State of Regionalism in Europe

Part II: What do Regions look like in Europe?

Country Reports J - Z & Annexes

June 2010

AER White Paper on energy and climate change

Copenhagen & Beyond: Regions sealed the deal in 2009

April 2010


Sustainable energy policies in European regions

Report based on a survey among 67 European regions

April 2010


AER Recommendations on the Future of Cohesion Policy post-2013

Towards a territorially-based policy for all Europeans?

November 2009

From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Growth

Part 1: Creating a Decentralisation Index

May 2009

From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Growth

Part 2: Decentralisation and Economic performance

May 2009

From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Grow

Summary and Conclusions

May 2009

Régions Magazine

Energising Europe Responsibly: Regional Innovation and Diversity for Growth and Jobs

November 2009

Régions Magazine

The Political voice of the regions 

April 2007

The Constitutional Treaty: Ten Good Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’


The EU Constitution: Your Questions Answered


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