Tales from Regions : The special edition of the Press Club Brussels Magazine

June 2015

AER's position on separatism

December 2014

AER's position towards Ukraine

December 2014

Common Strategic Framework 2014-2020

Contribution by the AER to the EC Staff working document

July 2012

AER, action tank of the European Regions


January 2011

here St. Pölten Manifesto

EU Cohesion Policy 2014+

21 October 2011

AER survey on European Regions and European Funding

Improving access, efficiency, and value for money

January 2011


Cohesion in Europe: Regions Take up the Challenge

AER White Paper on the future of Cohesion Policy

December 2010

source site A Region's Handbook to Understanding and Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities

November 2010

The State of Regionalism in Europe

Part I: Regions of yesterday, Regions of tomorrow

June 2010

go here The State of Regionalism in Europe

Part II: What do Regions look like in Europe?

Country Reports J - Z & Annexes

June 2010

enter site AER White Paper on energy and climate change

Copenhagen & Beyond: Regions sealed the deal in 2009

April 2010


Sustainable energy policies in European regions

Report based on a survey among 67 European regions

April 2010


AER Recommendations on the Future of Cohesion Policy post-2013

Towards a territorially-based policy for all Europeans?

November 2009

From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Growth

Part 1: Creating a Decentralisation Index

May 2009

From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Growth

Part 2: Decentralisation and Economic performance

May 2009

From Subsidiarity to Success: The Impact of Decentralisation on Economic Grow

Summary and Conclusions

May 2009

Régions Magazine

Energising Europe Responsibly: Regional Innovation and Diversity for Growth and Jobs

November 2009

Régions Magazine

The Political voice of the regions 

April 2007

The Constitutional Treaty: Ten Good Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’


The EU Constitution: Your Questions Answered


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