The AER and EU Cohesion policy: assessing the present and anticipating for the future

The main objective of cohesion policy is to diminish the gap between different regions, more precisely between less-favoured regions and affluent ones. It is an instrument of financial solidarity and a powerful force for economic integration.



As the new programming period is in its early months, the Assembly of European Regions (AER) is looking into the role that regional authorities play in European politics and in Europe in general in 2014. AER's Regional Expertise Centre has prepared a survey for its member regions on the role of Regions in EU Cohesion Policy and the implementation of the partnership principle. 

AER invites all members to complete the survey and return to k.wonnacottdelete_me(at) before 1 September 2014

Recent and ongoing initiatives
Joint open letter for a genuine partnership principle in cohesion policy
AER recommandations on the draft European Code of Conduct on Partnership
AER contribution to the Common Strategic Framework
Common Strategic Framework: background paper
Information note on the new "delegated act" procedure
AER Contact

Director of the Regional Expertise Centre
Tel./Fax. +33 (0)3 68 46 00 82

What's new in Europe?

Reform agenda :

November 2010: The European Commission publishes its 5th report on economic, social and territorial cohesion in Europe

June 2011: EC published its proposals of Multiannual Financial Framework

6 October 2011: The European Commission proposed to the Council and the Parliament a series of framework regulation for all structural funds.

14 March 2012: Publication of the EC Staff working document on the Common Strategic Framework

July 2013: The Council and European Parliament agree on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF)

September 2013: Final adoption by the European Parliament of the MFF

October 2013: Final adoption of the structural funds regulations

2013: Preparation and negotiations of the Operational Program and the Partnership agreements in all EU member states.

2014: Start of the programmes

AER publications
Governing in Partnership: Joint declaration (12 December 2011)
AER position on Intermediate arrangements for transition regions in future Cohesion Policy
St. Pölten Manifesto - EU Cohesion policy 2014+ (October 2011)
AER White paper on future cohesion policy (December 2010)
AER answer to the consultation on 5th Cohesion report
AER Recommendations for the future cohesion policy 2013+ (Nov. 2009)
Open Letter to José Manuel Barroso on EU Budget
AER contribution to the EC Green paper on territorial cohesion, 26 February 2009
AER study on future regional policy 2014+ (Jan. 2008)
Other relevant publications
How to use Structural Funds for SME & Entrepreneurship Policy

The Guidebook has been produced by the European Commission and was prepared and written by Johanna Pacevicius Mente and Christina Diegelmann, Assembly of European Regions.


Declaration of the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Regions on the future of EU Cohesion Policy post-2013, initiated by Niederösterreich (A) and Bayern (D)
An Agenda for a reformed Cohesion policy, by Fabrizio Barca


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