The IDeal Index:
an ideal instrument to measure and enhance the standard of living in our regions  

The IDeal Index Project

The IDeal Index project aims to establish a new progress indicator in AER member regions, in order to give an accurate picture of a region's sustainable development and standard of living. 

Why a new indicator?

The Canton of Fribourg is largely connected to other Swiss metropolitan centres. Despite a misleading and relatively static per-capita GDP, the canton today enjoys remarkable development.

It has therefore been decided to seek a more representative indicator than plain GDP figures, which would also take into account environmental and social aspects.

The advantages of such a new indicator would be:
the possibility of benchmark comparisons between regions, as well as along specific timelines
support for the AER mission and undertakings of the AER, by providing precise quantitative measurement of objectives and results
highlighting of particular leadership by a region in its national context in matters of sustainable development
greater motivation for regions to develop cutting-edge strategies toward sustainable development
Leading Region

             Canton of Fribourg

Politician in Charge

Mr. Beat Vonlanthen
State Councillor for the Canton of Fribourg - Minister of Economic Affairs 


Coordinator Committee 1
+33 (0)3 88 22 74 44

Paola Ghillani & Friends
Tel: +41 44 389 84 46



Project Workplan

How to have you regional IDeal Index calculated

Following the first wave of pilot-project regions, we are now looking for 50 regions eager to become pioneers in measuring living standards in their territory.

If you want to take part in this vanguard project, please contact us!

Letter from AER President and Beat Vonlanthen kicking off the second project wave
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IDeal report
News from the project

First IDeal Index Workshop (Fribourg, 13 March 2013)

The AER General Assembly decided to fully embrace the project (Paris, May, 2013)

The AER General Assembly agreed on the kick off of the IDeal Index second wave (Wroclaw, May 2014)

The next IDeal Index event will take at the occasion of the Committee 1 Plenary meeting (Gelderland, 05 November 2014)




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