Political report:
Information and access to European funding

What is the aim of this Report?

In the current context of economic crisis and budgetary restrictions at every level, the resources available to the regions are withering away.

European funds have always been of paramount importance for European regions, and now more than ever at this crucial time when future programmes are being planned for the period from 2014. This report aims to help as many regional actors as possible participate in European programmes, beyond the sole structural funds, trying to provide information about all the European funding opportunities, so that all regional projects can find a funding.

The report on information and access to European funds clearly shows what are the points of satisfaction as well as the points that need improvement on these matters. 

Leading Region
Politician in Charge

André Reichardt

First Vice-President of the Regional Council of Alsace (F)
AER Vice-President

Contact Person

Estelle Delangle
Director of the Regional Expertise Centre
Tel/Fax:+33 (0)3 68 46 00 82

Download the AER Reichardt Report

AER Political Report: Information and access to European funding 2012

The New AER Reichardt Report on information and access to European funds aims at enabling European regions to improve access to and understanding of EU programmes, whether sectoral or structural.

Download full report

Check out the interview of AndrĂ© Reichardt in this EC video advocating for further simplification of EU funding.


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