The role for regions in enabling a future for electric vehicles

A few words concerning the Report

Following the adoption of the AER Position on the “Need for Electric Vehicle Charging Harmonisation” the region of Hampshire (UK) has taken the initiative to lead on an AER report on the role for regions in enabling a future for electric vehicles.

This report aims to highlight the role for regions in facilitating electric vehicle take up and to develop a greater understanding of what regions can do to align with the developments being pursued by manufacturers, NGOs and other stakeholders. 

Leading Region

          Hampshire County Council

What is the objective of the Report ?

In the past AER has outlined the role for regions to become leaders in facilitating a consumer shift to electric vehicles. This report intends to build on previous findings but also to highlight that, in order to support regions' lead on the electric vehicle agenda, there needs to be agreement on a standardised approach and a powerful collective voice on this subject. Through engagement of key stakeholders, the report:

- Highlights the role for regions;
- Collates opinions and experiences from regions, ACEA and Eurelectric;
- Highlights the need for a standard physical infrastructure; and
- Highlights the need for a complementary supporting infrastructure. 

An AER report with a significant collective voice can lobby key European policy makers to determine a way forward: the AER member regions' involvement is key, as the report is only as strong as the regions behind it!

Politician in Charge

Councillor Melville Kendal

Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Environment and Transport at Hampshire County Council

AER Contact

Coordinator Committee 1
+33 (0)3 88 22 74 44

The process

September 2012               1st Round of consultations with AER members 

25 September 2012           Workshop in Brussels [Read+] 

19 November 2012            First draft presented at Committee 1 Plenary

November-January 2013   2nd Round of consultations with AER members - Deadline: 18 January

April 2013                       Final report presented at Committee 1 Plenary

May 2013                        Final report adopted at AER General Assembly

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Participating Regions

The following Regions have signed up to contribute to the report:

Alsace (F)

Baden-Württemberg (D)

Hampshire (GB)

Norrbotten (S)

Poitou-Charentes (F)

Quebec (CA) (AER observer)

Sarajevo (BiH)

Västra Götaland (S) 

Timis (RO)

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