Joint Efforts to Combat Dropout (JET-CD)

Early school leaving (ESL) is a growing severe problem in Europe which has long-term effects both on economic growth, the societal developments and on the individuals. The future of Europe depends on young people's success both in the working life and in the society. Drop-out is a major obstacle in both respects. The problem is complex and cannot be solved by education providers only. There is a need for effective cross-sectoral cooperation with different stakeholders.

What is new about the project?

There is a lack of permanent networks and methodology for cross-sectoral cooperation to tackle early school leaving. Combating ESL demands a deep insight of the whole cause and effect process, which is also essential to develop comprehensive policies focusing on the entire chain (prevention, intervention and compensation) in order to achieve sustainable results. The complexity of the problem requires strategies which should focus on the whole chain of phenomena. A broad partnership from different countries and cultures will therefore study the whole chain. The project will highlight the need of regional strategies based on a broad partnership for cross-sectoral collaboration in each region and even to develop a common methodology for collaboration to be implemented in the regions.
With the participation of five regional authorities in the project, the developed methods, and proposed strategies as well as the policy recommendations will be anchored and rooted on the regional level during the project implementation.

Project summary
Project presentation


Intellectual outputs

Output 1 - Analysis report on dropout in the regional context

Output 2 - Joint methodology to prevent dropout by cross-sectora cooperation

Output 3 - Joint methodology to detect early school leavers and to identify their needs for re-motivation and re-engagement

Output 4 - Joint methods and solutions for compensation measures to re-enter early school leavers into education

Output 5 - Toolbox of the developed joint methodologies for prevention, intervention and compensation measures from the participating regions

Output 6 - Policy recommendation for combating school dropout

Meetings & activities
Multiplyer event in Tulcea (10-11 September 2015)
Multiplyer event in Västernorrland (14-15 January 2016)
Final Conference in Hampshire (14-15 June 2016)

The project os co-financed by the European Commission's programme Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships.

Project partners
Project partners
Vasternorrland-S County Council (lead partner) Ilona NOVAK (ilona.novak(at)
Sundsvalls-S Gymnasium Västermalm Tomas GRIM (tomas.grim(at)
Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya-E Esther ESTANY (esther.estany(at)
Fundació El Llindar (E) Borja CASTELLET LORAN (bcastellet(at)
Østfold-N County Council Geir SYVERTSEN (geisyv(at)
Tulcea-RO County Council Mircea IORDACHE (mircea.iordache(at)
Hampshire-UK County Council Phillip WALKER (phillip.walker(at)
Assembly of European Regions Claudia MESCHEDE (c.meschede(at)
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