Summer Academy

President of the Organising Committee
Stéphane COOLS
Attaché Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Wallonie (BE)
AER Secretariat to the Organising Committee
Policy coordinator Committee 3, Tel. +33 3 88 22 74 35
Policy Officer Committee 3, Tel. +33 3 88 22 74 43
Main objectives
To facilitate an exchange of experience and best practice between regions on issues of common interest.
To provide an opportunity for regional representatives to build networks with their counterparts from throughout Europe.
To provide the regions from the new EU Member States and pre-accession countries with first-hand experience and information on the implementation of European policies & the necessary tools for effective regional development.
To promote regional democracy in Europe & implementation of the principle of subsidiarity.
To foster East-West interregional co-operation.

18th AER Summer School 2013:

Green Growth - Regions towards a ressource-efficient Europe

Nyköping, Sörmland (S)

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Background information

AER Summer Academy

The concept of the AER Summer Academy evolved in 1996 as a response to the increase in AER member regions coming from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. These regions often had different needs to the traditional AER members from the countries of Western Europe. In particular, these new regions were trying to introduce new approaches to their work in order to prepare themselves for eventual EU membership. The regions of Western Europe had a great deal of relevant experience that they could share with their counterparts in the pre-accession countries.

The Summer Academy was therefore designed as a tool to facilitate the exchange of experience and information.

The Summer Academy has since evolved into an annual forum for exchange of experience in the area of regional development in Europe. 

AER Summer Academy Organising Committee

Each year, the AER Summer Academy is organised by an Organising Committee consisting of a group of approximately 10 AER Member regions, which each make a financial contribution to the event and provide speakers.

The host region is responsible for the logistical organisation of the event, under the guidance of the Organising Committee. 

If your region would like to join the AER Summer Academy Organising Committee, please contact our secretariat.


Summer Academy participants

They should be regional politicians or officers working in regional administration, with specific responsibility and/or experience in relation to the topic of relevant Summer Academy or having a strong personal background and commitment to the topic.

Youth participants

They should be aged between 18 and 30 years and should be active in regional youth bodies, e.g. youth councils, political parties etc. To participate in the AER Summer Academy, youth participants must be nominated by their regional authority. The regional authority will therefore pay the registration fee on behalf of the youth participant. Regions are invited to register 2 young people. Exceeding number of registrations will be confirmed after the close of registrations according to availability.

AER Summer Academies to date
Next AER Summer Academy

19th AER Summer Academy 2014 took place in Vojvodina from 17th to 22nd August 2014.



Previous AER Summer Schools

18th AER Summer School 2013:

Green Growth - Regions towards a resource-efficient Europe

Nyköping, Sörmland (S)

17th AER Summer School 2012

Culture: be smart during the crisis

Ponta Delgada, Açores (P)

16th AER Summer School 2011:

Youth in a changing society

Almere, Flevoland (NL)

15th AER Summer School 2010:


Rorschach, Sankt Gallen (CH) & Arbon, Thurgau (CH)

14th AER Summer School 2009:

Water, engagement for our future

Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana (E)

13th AER Summer School 2008:

Youth Entrepreneurship in
Europe's Regions

Östersund, Jämtland (S)

AER Youth Summer School 2008

Östersund, Jämtland (S)


12th AER Summer School 2007:

Sustainable Development and
Europe’s Regions

Exeter, Devon (UK)

AER Youth Summer School 2007

Exeter, Devon (UK)


11th AER Summer school 2006: 

Practical Skills for Regional
Co-operation in Europe

Baia Mare, Maramureş (RO)

AER Youth Summer School 2006

Baia Mare, Maramureş (RO)


10th AER Summer School 2005: 

Regions as the motors for Prosperous
and Inclusive Societies

Mostar, Hercegovina-Neretva (BIH)

AER Youth Summer School 2005

Mostar, Hercegovina-Neretva (BIH)



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