Academic expertise

The ambition of AER is to strengthen the regional authorities in Europe. It does so through its Academic and Training Center. This Center is based on three pillars:

1) Training Academies:  they aim at providing regional officials and elected leaders with free training tailored to their needs, in order to enable them to cope with their responsibility in the development and implementation of EU legislation, which has been increasing since the Treaty of Lisbon. The Centre brings together under a single label all training activities proposed by the AER and acts as a single point ("one-stop-shop") on regionalism in Europe. For more info you can take a look to the brochure:



2) Observatory on regionalism : The AER Training and Academic Center also provides information about the public debate on territorial-administrative reforms implemented in different countries and observes these reforms and changes that have been made. AER participates in the debate and offers its knowledge and expertise. To help us to provide high quality services, regions are invited to send the data of experts in Regionalism from their territories. Any independent expert in Regionalism may also request to be included freely in the database of AER. If interested, please, send us your details by filling the list below: 


List of Experts

3) Summer School/ Youth Summer School - In addition to its Training Sessions, since 1996 AER organises each year a Summer School particularly for member regions coming from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The participants should be regional politicians or officers working in regional administration, with specific responsibility and/or experience in relation to the topic of relevant Summer School or having a strong personal background and commitment to the topic.

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