24 - 26 November 2009 - Belfort, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté (F)

General Assembly 2009 - Energising Europe Responsibly: Regional Innovation and D

General Assembly

AER's General Assembly 2009 photos

XI. Adoption of the Final Declaration
XI. Final Declaration (adopted in Belfort)
AER Survey on regional energy policy

Diversifying our energy landscape, actively searching for a new energy security paradigm... as you see, there are still many cooperation opportunities in the area of energy waiting to be untapped! Sounds far-fetched? Well, coal and oil might be able to keep us warm for the next few decades; but it is fairly clear that we need to do something about the issue of energy now and not in fifty years when it start to cause real problems!

AER questionnaire aims to explore how regional authorities deal with energy matters. What kind of political and economic incentives do you use to harness new sources of energy in order to bridge the increasing gap between energy demand and supply? What prerequisites are needed for the development of effective regional energy strategies that would accurately depict rapidly changing energy trends?

The outcomes of the questionnaire will be used to build up further AER projects in the field of energy. As our energy peer reviews enjoy growing popularity, we would like to appropriately respond to increasing demand for green European projects, and identify areas where we should concentrate our efforts. This being said, we kindly ask you to fill-in our survey with rigor and precision, and specify your expectations towards future AER energy-related activities.As the result of the questionnaire will be outlined at AER General Assembly in Belfort, we would be grateful if you could return your contribution to Ms Justyna Podralska, AER Policy Coordinator - j.podralska(at)aer.eu - by 30 October 2009.

AER Survey on regional energy policy
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