Information and access to European funding 2012

"European funds have always been of paramount importance for European regions, and now more than ever at this crucial time when future programmes are being planned for the period from 2014".

The Role for the Regions in Enabling a Future for Electric Vehicles

"There is a pressing need for Europe to reduce it’s carbon emissions and transport is one of the key areas through which this can be achieved. I believe that electric vehicles have an important role to play in attaining this, and in the future mobility of European regions".

André REICHARDT , First Vice-President of the Regional Council of Alsace (FR)
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IDeal Index: Measuring real tangible progress and quality of life in the European regions

"Even though its contribution may be important, money doesn’t buy happiness, and neither do simple production and output. Indeed, it stands to reason that one should not rely strictly on GDP figures to judge socio-economic health".

Melville KENDAL , Deputy Leader of Hampshire County Council (UK)
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Rurality and regional development: Unlocking our territories' economic and social potential

"There is a temptation to focus on a number of points and targets which appear to increase effectiveness, for example, placing an emphasis on competitiveness, urban areas and innovation. This is justifiable, but only to a certain point! Beyond this, there is a real risk of imbalance".

Beat VONLANTHEN , State Councillor, Minister of Economic Affairs-Canton of Fribourg (CH)
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Jean-Paul DENANOT , President of the Limousin Region (FR) Chairman of the RUR@CT Programme
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The involvement of young people in democratic life at regional level

"Young people are particularly concerned by the crisis, as youth unemployement sets new records day after day. A whole generation is facing difficulties entering adult life, and feels excluded not only from the labour market, but also from democratic life." 

Lilla MERABET , Regional Councillor and
Chairwoman of the AER Sub-Committee on Youth (Alsace-FR)
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