Institutional Affairs

In order to highlight the importance of ‘Equal opportunities’ and ‘Institutional affairs’ throughout AER activities, our General Assembly decided in May 2013 to make them transversal issues directly dealt with by each Committee. Two AER Vice-Presidents are respectively in charge of these issues within the Executive Board, namely Monica Carlsson (County Councillor of Norrbotten-S) and Roy Perry (Leader of Hampshire County Council-UK).
The Vice-President of Institutional Affairs is supported in his work by the Directorate for Academic and Institutional Affairs.


Vice-President for Institutional Affairs
Leader of Hampshire County Council, Hampshire (UK)
Secretariat Directorate for Academic and Institutional Affairs
Coordinator, Tel. +33 3 88 22 74 32
Assistant Academic Center
Assistant Academic Center, Tel. +33 3 68 46 00 83
Main objectives
Promoting the principle of subsidiarity and the development of regional democracy throughout Europe
Ensuring that European governance mechanisms provide the optimal framework conditions for regional democracy in Europe
Focussing on European decentralisation processes on regional level and monitoring regional elections
Monitoring the development of interregional cooperation in the Black Sea area
Providing regional representatives with tailor-made capacity buildings programmes and strengthen regional authorities
Political priorities 2015
Promoting regionalisation and decentralisation in Europe
Pursuing the AER study on “The place of Regions in 2015 – A state of play of subsidiarity and multilevel governance in Europe”
Enhancing the visibility of AER as a resource centre on regionalism
Participating in a COST project about decentralization
Enhancing capacity-building in the Regions
Pursuing the cycle on Leadership, either on specific issues (e.g.: e-health) or more generally to train political leaders and sensibilise them to the tools they can use for improving their performance and the performance of their region
Continuing to offer thematic Training (upon request of members)
Interregional co-operation in the Black Sea
Organising the 6th AER Black Sea Regions Summit in October
Adopting and promoting of the Bucharest Final Statement
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