Committee 3 Culture, Education, Youth and International Cooperation

Sonja A. STEEN
Fylkesordfører (President), Nordland (N)
Vice President
Chairman of the County Council, Hedmark, (NO)
Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Culture
Chairman of the County Council, Sörmland (SE)
Vice Chairwoman of the Sub-Committee on Culture
County Councillor, Västerbotten (SE)
Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Education and Training
County Councillor, Brasov (RO)
Chairwoman of the Sub-Committee on Youth
Regional Councillor, Alsace (FR)
Vice Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Youth
President of the AER Youth Regional Network
Chairman of the Sub-Committee on International Cooperation
Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Dolnoslaskie (PL)
Committee 3 representatives for Equal Opportunities
Chairman of the County Coucil, Hedmark (NO)
Regional Councillor, Alsace (FR)
Committee 3 Secretariat
Coordinator Committee 3, Tel./Fax: +33 3 88 22 74 35
Main objectives
  • Promoting the diversity of culture, media and education and ensuring that the regional point of view concerning cultural, educational and audiovisual policies is taken account of in European policies.
  • Delivering democracy through diversity by promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity as a richness and to raise awareness with the citizen.
  • Promoting the modernisation and internationalisation of regional governance and linking the activities of European regions to their counterparts on other continents.
  • Enhancing the participation of young people by giving them a platform to exchange with politicians on topics relevant to them in order to further their political involvement in the AER, in their regions and in Europe.
Political priorities 2013

  • Culture

Raising awareness about the link between culture and regional development; Supporting the thematic work in the field of Culture and Health; Developing links between Youth and Culture; Encouraging exchanges of good practice in the fields of Culture Heritage and Cultural Tourism. 

  • Education

Promoting youth employment, youth entrepreneurship, life-long learning, vocational training and mobility; Combatting school drop-out; Advocating young people’s active participation in society; Contributing to the summits on the economic crisis dedicated to citizens and regional politicians.

  • Youth

With unprecedented high unemployment rates among our youth, with all the social difficulties that it entails, the youth of Europe must be at the heart of AER priorities. With dedicated tools such as Youth Regional Network to promote youth participation, the Eurodyssey programme to facilitate youth employment mobility, its work on education to entrepreneurship and youth employment, ER has always been at the forefront of youth policy. The 2013 priorities will continue to reflect AER’s involvement in the future of our children.

  • International cooperation

Continue cooperating within Europe with Black sea neighbouring regions as well as regions of the Eastern partnership, but also outside Europe with Southern Mediterranean regions and Asian regions. 


To access the Committee 3 Progress Report and AER Priorities 2013 please log in as the AER intranet user (use the log-in section in the top-left corner of the page).

Committee 3 Political Priorities & Work Programme 2013-2014
Other committee initiatives
AER position papers and declarations:
Rio+20 Declaration of Regions – Regions are leading the way in green economy - 2012
AER position on the European Commission’s Communication and Regulation on "Erasmus for All” - 2012
AER First Elements on the EC’s Communication and Regulation on ‘Creative Europe’ - 2012
Declaration on Culture and Health - 2011
AER position on the European Neighbourhood Policy - 2011
AER Position on the European Commission's Green Paper on "Migration & Mobility: challenges and opportunities for EU education systems" - 2009
AER position on the Communication from the European Commission “On a European agenda for culture in a globalizing world” - 2007

In order to highlight the importance of ‘Equal opportunities’ and ‘Institutional affairs’ throughout AER activities, our General Assembly decided in May 2013 to make them transversal issues directly dealt with by each Committee. Two AER Vice-Presidents are respectively in charge of these issues within the Executive Board, namely Monica Carlsson (County Councillor of Norrbotten-S) and Roy Perry (Leader of Hampshire County Council-UK).


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