Regional partnership -  institutional aspects of cooperation

Macroregional strategies on European level - new method for territorial cooperation?

On 10 June 2009 the European Commission adopted a Communication on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region following a request from EU Member States. It is the first time that a comprehensive strategy, covering several Community policies, is targeted on a 'macro-region'. These developments have instigated a substantial interest in the macro-region concept. At the last European council meeting on 19 June 2009 EU Member states invited the European Commission to develop a strategy for the Danue area.


European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation - EGTC

Since 1st August 2007, the new legal instrument for a "European Grouping of Territorial Co-operation" (EGTC) has entered into force. It intends to facilitate the implementation of co-operation programmes by allowing for Member States, regional authorities, local authorities and/or bodies governed by public law from at least two Member States to associate under a joint convention. Please follow this link in order to read more about AER's contribution to the designing of the EGTC.


Interregional cooperation in Structural Funds

AER response to the European Commission's proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Regional Development Fund (COM(2004)495 final, Brussels, 14 June 2004). 

"Position paper", November 2004
AER Report on the state of play of regional cooperation - 2003

This report analyses the legislative ad institutional framework for regional partnership and makes a series of recommendations on enhancing the framework for such partnerships. It was finished in 2003.

AER Report: The legislative and institutional framework for regional partnership
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