Committee 1 for Economy and Regional Development

President of Committee 1 for Economy and Regional Development
Political representative of the Government, Brussels-Capital (BE)
Vice-president for Economic Development, Innovation and Cohesion
County Councillor, South Danemark (DK)
Vice-president for Rural development, Energy and Environment
County Councillor in Norrbotten (SE)
Chairman of the working group on Rural Development
Jan Jacob VAN DIJK
Regional Councillor, Province of Gelderland (NL)
Chairman of the working group on Energy and Climate Change
Melvile KENDAL
County Councillor, Hampshire (UK)
Chairman of the working group on Regional Airports
President, East Sweden Regional Development Council (SE)
Chairman of the working group on Investment, Business and SMEs
Political representative of the Governement, Brussels-Capital (BE)
Main objectives
Encouraging the exchange of good practices and experience.
Following-up on EU and national current affairs and providing relevant information to interested stakeholders.
Organising events on specific topics to open a debate and reach a joint position to be then promoted at all relevant levels.
Supporting cooperation projects initiated by regions or other partners.
Representing the regions' interests and common positions at international, European and national level. 
Political Priorities
  • Cohesion policy and European funding:

Lobbying on the Code of conduct on partnership, the adoption of the Common Strategic Framework and of the Structural funds Regulations; Supporting EU regions in the elaboration and negotiations of their Partnership contracts; Promoting the report by Mr Reichardt on information and access to European funding (Alsace-F).


  • Environment, Climate change and energy:

Promoting the Report by Mr Kendal on electric vehicles (Hampshire-UK); Participating and co-organising various events, in the context of the World sustainable energy days, R20, AER Summer school on the green economy;  Supporting the implementation of peer reviews on Energy investments.

  • Economic development and innovation: 

Kicking-off a refined version of the Regional Innovation award ; Contributing to the Crisis summit(s) to be held in 2013; Supporting the implementation of peer reviews on innovation and employment;  Promoting the Report by Mr Vonlanthen on the IDeal Index (Fribourg-CH); Promoting exchanges of best practices among regions on the topic of regional airports.

  • Rural development: 

Promoting the Report on rural development by Mr Denanot (Limousin-F).

  • Rur@ct programme: 

Integrating the Rur@ct programme into the activities of Committee 1. 


In order to highlight the importance of ‘Equal opportunities’ and ‘Institutional affairs’ throughout AER activities, our General Assembly decided in May 2013 to make them transversal issues directly dealt with by each Committee. Two AER Vice-Presidents are respectively in charge of these issues within the Executive Board, namely Monica Carlsson (County Councillor of Norrbotten-S) and Roy Perry (Leader of Hampshire County Council-UK).


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